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What’s Poppin’ Troop 2319!

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How does it work?

SELL ONLINE DIRECT • Safest way for Scouts to sell • Scouts earn Double Points for TE Rewards • Traditional products and prices • No handling of products/cash for Scout or Unit • Products popped fresh to order—shipped direct to customer.

Visit online-direct for additional details. MORE products are available on-line (compared to Wagon Sales/Paper Orders). The attached pdf show the product line-up. (note -there could be some offer variations through the course of the sale)
EARN PRIZES!!! See below pdf for the NEW Points system Prizes.
Don’t forget to download the Trails End App.

Daphne Huey
Fundraising Chair


Graduate Spotlight – Nick McFadden

It is a special time for Troop 2319. Nick McFadden, Eagle Scout & Assistant Scoutmaster, is a 2020 Graduate from Pope High School!  Congratulations Nick! We are all so very proud of you. We know you will go on to do great things in college and we look forward to seeing you visit us when you can


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Advancement Spotlight – Aayan S.

Scouting Continues! We have had many scouts make great progress in their scouting journey and we wanted to share these achievements with you all.

Today we congratulate Aayan S for earning his Scout Rank! Well done Aayan! #ScoutingContinues Part of our tradition for new scouts in our troop is that they receive a solid purple neckerchief.  Once they reach scout rank they trade that in for the Troop neckerchief with the Troop logo!


Campsite Setup Challenge Update

Thank to everyone who participated in the at home campsite setup challenge! We saw a lot of great setups. Congratulations to:

  • Youth First Prize: Sam P.
    The Winner will receive a Squadlocker Troop 2319 Class B
  • Youth Second Prize: Chris W.
    The runner up will receive a Troop 2319 Frisbee

Don’t forget to head to head over to the Scouting Continues page to see the current weeks challenge and all the other great online learning opportunities!

In the meantime, check out a few of the great backyard campsite setups that were submitted!



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Don’t Miss Out on our Weekly Challenge with Prizes!

Calling all Troop 2319 Scouts! We as leaders have challenged all 2319 scouts to see who has the perfect campsite setup! The task is simple:

  • Set up your tent or camping solution in your backyard
  • Include any other camping gear you would have for your ideal campsite

Both Youth AND Adults can Participate and will be judged separately!

Head over to for more details and the submission form.



Scout Picture Day ’20!

Scout pictures are in and they look fantastic again! We’re all super excited that this has become a new annual tradition of Troop 2319 and can’t wait to get to look back at these in a few years. Just check out the snippet below to see how great they look and check your email as the full album link will be sent out shortly.