Other Roles

Assistant Scoutmaster – While many of the committee members affect overall policy, it is primarily up to the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs) to effectively deliver the program. Each troop usually has between 3 and 5 ASMs to assist the youth as needed and act as qualified supervision while the Youth Leaders run the meetings and outings. ASMs also counsel and guide the youth leaders to ensure the program is being delivered in a safe and fun manor.

Event Driver – Becoming an event driver isn’t too difficult but is still one of the most appreciated roles an adult can hold. Getting all youth to and from outings can be extremely challenging. The more qualified drivers we have, the less each person has to drive. Even driving scouts to just one campout per year would be a big help to the troop.

Merchandise Handler – This role can be filled almost entirely virtually. It consists of procuring and  managing an inventory of branded merchandise for the troop including but not limited to, Neckerchiefs, Class B Shirts, stickers, magnets, water bottles, etc. As well as the always profitable meat sticks. All current vendors, logos, and info are available to the Merchandise Handler, however you are welcome to utilize alternative distributors. 

Merit Badge Counselor – As some already know, there is a merit badge for pretty much anything and everything. Merit Badge Counselors are people who have a knowledge or interest about a particular subject area and are comfortable assisting scouts as they learn about that subject. Adults may be counselors for many different badges simultaneously, so hop on over the the National BSA Website and take a look at the various merit badges, there’s surely one or two that you could be a counselor for.

Picnic Coordinator – This role acts a s sub-committee position under the Outings Coordinator. It can be filled by one or more people and is primarily a seasonal role. This person will coordinate our annual picnic including location, menu, what packs we invite to attend, etc. 

Trading Post Manager (Available) – This role acts a sub-committee position under the Equipment Coordinator and consists of running the Troop’s Trading Post during scout meetings. The ideal candidate(s) for this position is any parent who already comes to scout meetings who is willing to help. This position can also be filled by a team of people if you do not feel like you can commit to be at every scout  meeting. The Trading Post Manager is NOT responsible for procuring any items, that is handled by our Merchandise Handler.