Important Moments

Along with all the outing photo albums, Troop 2319 also likes to try and capture the special moments in our scouters’ journeys. To that end, we have a “miscellaneous” photo album that helps us aggregate and share these moments. The most recent additions are some wonderful scouts getting presented their new ranks after successfully completing their Boards of Review! As always, you can click the collage to see all the miscellaneous photos we’ve aggregated over the years. If you currently have or take any photos of these important milestones in the future, please email them to [email protected] or upload them to Google Drive and share the folder. Thank you everyone who has helped capture photos like these! (ahem… Steve Carlin)

Outings & Activities

The National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning

This weekend Troop 2319 went on a campout to see the National Infantry Museum near Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. The scouts got to tour the museum and learn about the history of our nation’s Army. We spent hours their learning about the history of tanks, wars, the Medal of Honor, and so much more! After the Museum we returned to our campsite and despite the cold the scouts still had fun playing games for the rest of the day. We finished up Saturday night with a cozy campfire. Sunday morning, we got our gear packed up and our Chaplin’s Aide, Ben M., held a Scout’s own service before we got on the road for the long drive home. (Don’t forget to click the collage below to see the full album of photos as there were a LOT) — Gavin H. Troop 2319 Historian